There are quite a few double primroses I am still looking for. They may well have been totally lost, but if you have any on the list below or know where they are still growing I should be delighted to hear from you.
Primula ‘Arthur du Moulin’
Primula ‘Big Red Giant’
Primula ‘Brendon Hills’

Primula ‘Bronwyn’
Primula ‘Crathes Crimson’
Primula ‘Downshill Ensign’
Primula ‘Elizabeth Dickey’
Primula ‘Ethel M. Dell’
Primula ‘Granny Graham’
Primula ‘Red Velvet’
Primula ‘Torchlight’
Primula ‘Tyrian Purple’
Primula ‘Prince Silverwings’
Or if you have any of the Bon Accords other than Purple and Gem, I would very much like to hear from you.