May 2017

Such a beautiful time of year; everything so green with fresh growth and wonderful bird song. Thrushes are nesting in the pleached hornbeam. The first time that happened I was so pleased because I felt that made them official trees, now they nest there every year. It is amazing how fast a garden can get established. The primroses are nearly over now just a few late varieties in flower. This photo is of Primula ‘Tarragem Gilded Garnet’ bred by Dr Margaret Webster. The peonies are starting. Already the tenuifolia have flowered, and ‘Mai Fleuri’ an early flowering hybrid is in flower. Most wonderful of all the unpronounceable and unspellable species peony known to everyone by its nickname “Molly the witch” is in flower. It is such a fabulous pale yellow and looks so fresh.  The early foliage of the herbaceous peonies has been wonderful. The emergent growth is often a glowing red or rich purple. Now the bushes have tight buds which I am watching with glee. It seems that most things are at least two weeks early this year, so I am busy planning visits to see other people’s peonies too now.

I an weeding like mad (gardens don’t make themselves!), but there has been very little rain this year so even in my wet garden some areas are starting to be a bit dry. Last autumn I had some metal edges put round some of the flower beds as an experiment. It is really making life easier, so although expensive I shall probably add more when I can afford it!

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